Author: Andrea Fernandez

The Money Machine September 2018


September is over, I was going to update you on the evolution of the money machine and this month’s stock buy. The Money Machine September 2018 This month, I’m a little late in reporting how things went for our money machine. That’s because Good Finance and I have been on holiday in Kenya. It was […]

Advantages of an Installment Loan Approval


  On the Internet, there are numerous offers on a installment loan with instant confirmation. Such an offer sounds tempting, as you can seem to be immediately sure whether the loan is granted or not. The immediate commitment has a certain significance, but does not constitute a credit decision that is binding on the applicant […]

Unsecured Business Loans


  If there is money, but the bank does not issue the loan due to lack of collateral or you have received a negative answer elsewhere because you do not have real estate, surety or other collateral, you do not have to repent because the loan can be obtained completely without collateral. The name of […]

What are the risks of borrowing? | Payday Loans


Of course, everyone knows the borrowing process: the bank is asking for some documents to consider whether it is worth borrowing money for the claimant. The financial institution carries out a careful calculation, because the bet is that the borrower will be able to repay the loan at the specified time . Optimally, the claimant […]

The myths that have fallen (and those that will fall) in the Greek crisis


In the year and a half that has passed since Greece revealed after years of lies and cover-ups, the terrible state of its public accounts is many myths, taboos, that the European leaders have had to drop to try to take the reins of the crisis and avoid a major disaster for the whole of […]

Zapatero seeks the advice of experts like Boyer to get out of his labyrinth


SPAIN AND THE CRISIS Two hundred billion euros. That was the lifeline, they told the president when the sky began to overcast. 200,000 million euros was the debt margin available to the Kingdom of Spain in the spring of 2008, without infringing the third mandate of the Euro Law (“your public debt will never exceed […]