The Money Machine September 2018

October 3, 2019 0 Comment

September is over, I was going to update you on the evolution of the money machine and this month’s stock buy.

The Money Machine September 2018


This month, I’m a little late in reporting how things went for our money machine. That’s because Good Finance and I have been on holiday in Kenya. It was fantastic and I will write a little later on how it was. Among other things, about my thoughts and reflections that I draw linked to investments, happiness, what you really need, etc. It is extremely insightful to visit places where life is very different from how we have it at home!

Affect our money machine quite a bit


In September, the stock market was basically unchanged, -0.01%. Our money machine went much worse, we reversed 2.14%. The biggest reason is that our holding in Good Finance has dropped sharply during September. Since Good Finance is our best holding when it comes to price development, the share has also started to weigh quite heavily in the money machine. In other words, fluctuations in the Good Finance share affect our money machine quite a bit (maybe a little too much).

The end of September also means that the third quarter has passed! So far this year we are just ahead of the index of 11.76% up, unfortunately we lost some now in September of the lead we built earlier this year. Let’s see what autumn / winter has to offer, we hope we keep the lead and maybe get out a little more before the year is over.

Activity of the month


Those who follow us know that we are not buying more shares right now. We have saved this month’s savings ratio for our vacancy which we plan for 2019. However, we have invested a little in the latest project at Brine. I like to go in with a little slant in the projects coming up on the platform. Partly it is good risk spreading to be part of several projects and fun to be able to follow more of the projects as well.

Something I said wrong all the time since we started saving for our leave is that we do not add the full savings ratio to our leave budget at all. Every month we buy trees in Africa via Good Lender. We buy 10 trees and 1 donation package for about USD 2300. That plus a few thousand a month on Brine will still be some money that will help us move forward in the money machine even though we add the majority of the savings quota to the leave every month right now.